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Dark Malt Beverage assortment | Non Alcoholic Drinks

Dark Malt Beverage (also called Malta) is a lightly carbonated malt beverage, brewed from barley, hops, and water. Malta is non-alcoholic, and is consumed in its original carbonated form and tastes sweet. Malta is, unlike beer, not fermented. Malta is also called dark malt, because of its dark brown colour.

Malta's (dark malt beverages) are usually consumed in the same way as soda or cola, in its original carbonated form. Unlike beer, ice is often added to a Malta when consumed. 

The dark malt beverages we supply are full of taste, natural, nutritious, high in vitamine B and they give extra energy to the whole family!

Renex International offers a wide range of dark malt beverages especially customised for the African markets. Also we are free to appoint exclusive distributors in most of the African countries.





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